4 Hands Hands Massage

2 masseuses, 4 hands, total relaxaction

Over the years numerous customers have asked for a 4 hands massage and we are happy to fulfil our customers wishes.

You might think why a 4-hand massage but there are clearly benefits.

The 4 hands massage is done by 2 masseuse therapist who synchronise their work on the body.

What they will say to you is “to let go” and with that they mean that you need to get in a state where your body and mind is fully relaxed and not concentrate on the hands of the masseuses.

Benefits of a 4 Hands Massage

A massage where two masseuses using both their hands has a few benefits and one of them is the total relaxation. One of the problems some customers have is that they follow the hands on the body, they have a problem to relax and just “do not let go”.

Thinking about nothing should be the remedy but that is easier said than done instead they keep tracking the hands in their minds and some even give instructions and that is not beneficial to relax your muscles and the state of mind.

With a 4 hands massage the brain just cannot follow all these hands and because of that it will let go, not think about these hands anymore and finally you can relax and enjoy the full benefit of having a massage from two masseuses at the same time.

Butchers Knifes Massage

In this case it is a movie from Culture Trip that we shared on the New Sky Facebook page showing a massage with butchers knifes in Taiwan. It is funny because we use indeed butchers knifes but that is more to chop bones for our delicious Thai dishes and not for a Thai massage.

You might have seen the movie and to me it is a great movie because a massage with four hands or better in this case 2 knives and 2 hands and this brought me basically to the idea of this article and that is the usage of tools during a Thai massage. It is nothing new to use massage tools as long as you know how to use them.

Not everyone knows how to properly use them next to the fact that it can be “painful” especially when you are not used to it.

Massage Tools

Having watched the movie you probably have read that the knifes are blunt to avoid injuries which is understandable because you simply do not want to cut the customers in the other hand, I thought the usage of the knifes is pretty cool.

Four Hand Massage Near Me

However, do not expect that we will use knifes or anything like that, we keep it to the traditional Thai massage or full body massage using the hands but in case you want to try and you are in the Southampton or Shirely area then contact us for a 4 hands Thai massage and you definitely will enjoy not just the massage itself but the relaxation of your body during the massage session.

Full Body

The oil that we use for the full body massage will not harm you. The oil will make you feel relax during the full body massage sessions and stimulates the re-energizing of your body.


Do you believe that by putting pressure on pressure points on the feet are useful to cure the body because somehow that pressure point is related to a specific organ? If you do then check out our Reflexology massage.


Combine your daily exercising with a weekly sports massage session to heal quicker and giving you a psychological benefit which will be good for you next exercise.


Put your body in Yoga-style postures and stretch your muscles through gentle, rhythmic manipulation to relieve you from aches and pains that is what traditional Thai massage means.

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