Catching a Thief

Why do people steal stuff? It seems he is a delivery man, watch the video via READ MORE, but does he deliver?

Probably for himself, but for us it is a bicycle less and that is more than a pity.

The Hampshire Food and Drink Emporium

The Hampshire Food and Drink Emporium has been held for over 5 years in Portsmouth and Southsea and is coming to Southampton on the weekend of 22 September.

Great news for all food lovers, especially if you have missed the Thai festival or you think Thai food is just too spicy then this is your chance to taste some really delicious food and drinks.

Southampton Thai Festival

The Southampton Thai Festival is held since 2007 and is a fantastic showing with Thai culture, dance, food, cuisine, arts, crafts and much more. 

4 Hands or a Blunted Knife Massage

You might wonder what a “butchers’ knife” and a massage with 4 hands have in common but once you read the article it totally makes sense.

There are seemingly massage techniques using these knives.

However, there is no worry that we will use knives at New Sky, it is more to have the knowledge or the fun to see, even through a video, that there are other ways to have a massage and give your body the relaxation it deserves.

Full Body

The oil that we use for the full body massage will not harm you. The oil will make you feel relax during the full body massage sessions and stimulates the re-energizing of your body.


Do you believe that by putting pressure on pressure points on the feet are useful to cure the body because somehow that pressure point is related to a specific organ? If you do then check out our Reflexology massage.


Combine your daily exercising with a weekly sports massage session to heal quicker and giving you a psychological benefit which will be good for you next exercise.


Put your body in Yoga-style postures and stretch your muscles through gentle, rhythmic manipulation to relieve you from aches and pains that is what traditional means.

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