Thai Festival

The Thai festival in Southampton is now past tense and we are looking forward to next year.

We hope that you have enjoyed the culture of Thailand and see you next year. In the meantime enjoy the real authentic Thai massage at New Sky Thai Massage. See you soon.

In 2007 the first Southampton Thai Festival was held and was a great success, it was so successful that since then the festival is now a yearly event.

In 2019 the Thai festival has been scheduled again in Southampton. Keep your diary free for Saturday, 6 & 7 July 2019 from 10:00-19:00 and visit Hoglands Park.

We love the Thai

If you have ever been to Thailand then you know that Thailand is also called the Land of Smile. We love the Thai and love Thailand because of this. The people are absolutely great and that is what you will find out at the festival.

The smile when you talk to them, maybe even saying a few words in Thai like Sawadee Kap/Ka or Kap Kun Kap/Ka (Men say Kap / Women say Ka).

It is not here to teach any Thai but we love if you can speak a little and you will get our famous smile showing directly the reason why we are from the Land of Smile, Thailand.

Thai Culture Food Entertainment

Thinking about all the lovely people of Thailand and being from Thailand, I automatically think about the delicious Thai dishes. The spices, the herbs, nothing can be compared to a real authentic Thai dish but be aware with the chillies.

We Thai eat them a lot but for you, the “farang”, keep in mind that they are spicy and it will burn your throat.

A Thai authentic dance is a joy to watch and brings back the memories and warmth we have for our beloved Thailand. It is similar when we see Thai Boxing (Muay Thai), it is for us, we love it, it brings the authenticity of our country and sometimes we feel tears in our eyes of being emotional.

Thinking about the Thai cuisine, entertainment, culture it would be great to see you and your family at the Thai festival and just enjoy a day out in the park.

The Thai festival is about what you can find in Thailand that includes Thai massage, especially the authentic Thai massage that can be given on the grass.

Enjoying the Day

In the early years of the Southampton Thai festival you just could go and enjoy the festival and that all for free but clearly not everything can be paid by the sponsors.

So many people that enjoy the festival and that just comes with a price but that should not stop you going.

It really would be great if you can go to the Thai festival on Saturday the 6th or the 7th (or both days) of July and tell us how you have enjoyed it. Make some pictures and share that with us, it will be a great day.

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