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You can find our Massage Parlour and yes that is your Thai massage nearby well, at least when you live in Southampton and although there are multiple asian massage parlours here in Southampton there are many reasons why you should come to New Sky.

Of course, we can write about all the benefits of a Thai massage but the best is to come to us and undergo a real Thai professional massage given by trained and certified Thai masseuses.

A Google Map has been added and when you click that a new tab in your browser will be opened or when you are on the mobile your dedicated Google App will be opened showing you the map including directions from where you are. 

Don't we all love how easy it is to find the directions, at least you should not get stress from finding how to get to New Sky here in Southampton?

Coming back on the reason for you to have your next massage session at New Sky then a list of bullet points has been added below.

Of course, you will get the best Thai massage in Southampton at New Sky, there is no doubt about that, but for the car drivers there is a large car park just behind New Sky and that car park is FREE of charge.

You do not even need to walk to the front door, you can go through the back door that goes directly to that car park. Jump in the car and we see you soon at 92 Howard Road for a fantastic relaxing massage session.

Our massage parlour is open Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 8:30 pm and you do not need to make an appointment although it is always good to make a call you can drop in any time and we are more than happy to deliver our massage service.

All our massage therapists speak good English but more importantly, they are skilled and certified masseuses and that is what your stressed body will find out during and after a session.

Grap your mobile and when you are close just say "thai massage near me" and New Sky Thai Masage should pop up otherwise just call us, our phone number is 0230 637 588 and can be clicked directly.

Why New Sky

Full Body

The oil that we use for the  full body massage  will not harm you. The oil will make you feel relax during the full body massage sessions and stimulates the re-energizing of your body.

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Do you believe that by putting pressure on pressure points on the feet are useful to cure the body because somehow that pressure point is related to a specific organ? If you do then check out our Reflexology massage .

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Combine your daily exercising with a weekly sports massage  session to heal quicker and giving you a psychological benefit which will be good for you next exercise.

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Put your body in Yoga-style postures and stretch your muscles through gentle, rhythmic manipulation to relieve you from aches and pains that is what a traditional Thai massage  means.

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